Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Approach Your Crush

We all have experienced the crush. Some time in every man or woman’s life there inevitably comes along a person that sends a jolt of electricity through your body. From a distance they seem to be everything you’ve ever wanted. They’re gorgeous, charming, thoughtful and available. Their beauty seems to generate a magnetic aura that draws you to them like a moth to a flame.

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Every day you tell yourself that this is the day you will speak to him or her. You practice every morning in front of your mirror. “This is what he’ll say and this is what I’ll say” moments play out religiously in front of your bedroom mirror.  You’ve mapped out the first, second, third, and fourth responses to every possible question she could ask. But just as you’re about to stop in at your local coffee shop and get your morning dose of caffeine, you’re suddenly flustered. He or she just happens to be in line in front of you! Not only can you not remember any of the words you rehearsed this morning, you can’t even remember your own name. So once again, you say nothing. Soon lunch approaches and then the end of the work day has passed. Guess what? You’re still stuck in first gear. For some odd reason your tongue seems to be hopelessly glued to the roof of your mouth. You can’t speak. What can you do?

No matter what your method for working up the courage to speak to your crush, one thing is for sure. Time is not on your side. Chances are if you’ve noticed the many wonderful things about him or her, someone else has also taken notice too. You need to get up and engage your crush. They could be your future husband or the mother of your future children. Here are 5 reasons you should approach your crush today:

1.       Time: Although he or she may be available now, chances are they won’t always be without a companion. If you think that person is attractive, chances are pretty strong that someone else finds them attractive too. Time is not on your side. Today they could be available and tomorrow morning they could be smitten. Yes, love strikes that quickly. It is much better for you to approach them and make a fool of yourself than to sit back and hope that they can pick up on your brain waves. He or she may not have anyone other than yourself that is interested in them. But why chance it? I’d rather be a take charge kind of person and leave my success to my own control than to be sitting around playing the “which coward-clock is going to run out first” with another suitor.

2.       Knowing Is Best: Would you prefer to go to a doctor and sit around in the lobby with a lot of your medical questions unanswered or would you like to go to your doctor and get hit with a lot of answers and solutions to problems? That’s basically what it boils down to. Knowing and not knowing. She may absolutely be crazy about you. He may hate your guts. But until you step to the podium of truth and voice your beliefs and thoughts, you’re a nobody. A big fat question mark. Sure, there’s the off chance that he or she may not like you. But there’s a larger chance that you will make that first step towards having a new relationship. I suppose it’s a case of how you see things. Either the glass is half-empty or half-full. Fear of rejection can be a monster. But ask yourself this, is being alone better than being in love? Yeah…. I thought so…. Get up and let him or her know your true feelings.
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3.       Build Your Self-Esteem: Although it may not seem like it, approaching your crush makes you infinitely stronger than living in background fantasies. It takes character to brush your hair, put on your very best, mentally brace yourself and send your personal thoughts to a targeted person. Whether you are rejected or not, that moment in which you stand emotionally naked to that individual sets you up for other life challenges.

For example, do you want a job? You have to be strong enough to withstand a similar situation. You have to stand in front of a stranger and speak intelligently about motivations and ambitions to get that job. Lose a job? It takes courage to pick yourself up after professional defeat and reenter the job market.

Approaching your crush builds you up. If you can take the love and affection or rejection of a complete stranger, you can take anything.

4.       Experience Is The Best Teacher: Okay, here’s a glaring fact about life. No one gets everything they want on the first try. Sometimes we have to demonstrate persistence to get that king or queen in our lives. You may very well encounter a person that wants to take it slow or may question your motivations. Maybe it’s a bad time for them. Don’t get too discouraged. Listen to what they’re saying and accept it as a momentary decision. But it doesn’t mean they will feel like that forever. Take that rejection and analyze what went wrong and what went right. Use it to alter your strategy for the next crush or to re-approach your original crush at a later date. But by going through with it in the first place, you’ve given yourself experience. And experience is what you’re after in life.

5.       What If They Say “Yes!”: I know this doesn’t occur to a lot of people but what if your attempt at gaining this man or woman actually works! I mean, that is the whole point of your approach isn’t it? You will never get that “Yes” if you don’t build the courage to move beyond borderline obsessive behavior. Step up. Put some sincerity in your voice and make eye contact. You could pass the test with flying colors!

If you like someone try not to wait too long to let them know. Make a plan and execute it. You never know until you try. Who knows? He or she may be the husband or wife for the rest of your life. It’s worth the effort. Do it!